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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a quantitative test which determines the presence and titre of antibodies against the spike protein of Covid-19 infection. The spike protein is the principal antigen which is used by the virus to latch on to human cells and cause infection. This antigen is the primary target of most present-day vaccines as presence of antibodies against the spike protein prevents infection. The antibodies against spike protein are produced following natural infection as well as subsequent to vaccination.

The test measures the level of antibodies produced by an individual after exposure to infection or vaccination. Thus, this test indicates the presence of protective antibodies which can fight against possible infection by the Covid-19 virus.

The Covid-19 antibody test assesses an individual’s immune status against a possible Covid-19 infection. The level of antibody varies from person to person. It is also common knowledge that natural immunity against the disease acquired by infection is transient and may wane over a period of time, while the immunity provided by vaccination is more lasting.

Knowing the immune status post vaccination is of extreme importance as an adequate immune response to the virus is highly protective against serious disease and is reassuring, especially for frequent travellers, people engaged in the health care industry and also for the mobile, working population at large as presence of adequate antibodies is our only defence shield against possible severe consequences of the infection.

Positive result has following implications:
The person was infected in the past with the virus that causes COVID-19 (especially significant in patients who had a silent infection and were never tested by RT-PCR/RAT test)
In vaccinated patients the test will establish successful establishment of the expected protective antibody response

Negative results could suggest one of the following possibilities:
The person has never been to the SARS - CoV2 virus and is susceptible to future infection
If infected or vaccinated, a negative test means absence of protective antibodies in spite of exposure
o Vaccines are not 100% effective and some people fail to launch antibody response even after vaccination
o Antibodies formed due to natural infection may be short lasting and may disappear after few months post infection
The person was very recently infected (within the last 14 days) as antibodies may take 3 to 4 weeks to form
The person has generated an antibody response but the antibodies levels are too low to be detected

Well trained phlebotomists from Prognosis Laboratory will collect sample from the comfort of one’s home at a nominal charge. The phlebotomists are trained in basic hygiene and safe biomedical waste disposal practices required for home collection of blood samples.

We will share the reports via SMS or on WhatsApp

Covid RT-PCR is the test of choice to identify active ongoing infection and is aimed at treatment of the infected individual while the antibody test has no diagnostic significance and it is meant to assess the immune status of the patient after infection/vaccination and is a comment on the patient’s risk of future infection.

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